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3 Day Lesotho Overland

from Underberg in Himeville by Roof of Africa Tours


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Highlights of Lesotho, 3 Day Tour from Underberg

The mountain kingdom of Lesotho is out-of-this world for its sheer mountain beauty. Combine that with its unique culture where the people have combined a 21st approach to certain day-to-day activities whilst holding onto their culturally unique way-of-life and it blends into an amazing experience.

Our guests are often visiting Lesotho whilst on holiday in South Africa. We have perfected a 3-day tour which incorporates many of the top things to do in Lesotho, despite being on a time budget.

Of course, Lesotho has even more amazing things to do and see, but we feel that this tour has become a favourite because it packs so much into just 3 days of overland in Lesotho! Starting your trip in Durban? We suggest you look at this 4 day Lesotho Tour that starts in Durban.

Sani Pass, Lesotho Cultural Immersion, Drakensberg Bushmen Paintings, Dinosaur Footprints, Modern-day Cave Dwellers and Semonkong…

What people say

Une super experience, un guide tres sympathique et tres competent. Le Lesotho est vraiment un endroi...  -  Laurent BECHE.



56 hours




Himeville/Underberg – We arrange our departure from the Himeville Museum on Arbuckle Street – the main street – in Himeville alternatively we can pick you up from your accommodation.



What to Wear:

In the warmer months (October – March)– dress in light-weight clothing but bring a warm jacket, as the weather can change drastically. In the colder months (April – September) – dress very warmly.

Things to bring:

Your passports (and VISA if required) Camera Personal Items, including warm clothing and comfortable shoes Cash

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Certification Required:

Inclusions & Exclusions


All inclusive, except drinks and personal items



Opinions On 3 Day Lesotho Overland

What the locals say about 3 Day Lesotho Overland.

Laurent BECHE

Une super experience, un guide tres sympathique et tres competent. Le Lesotho est vraiment un endroit a decouvrir, et cette compagnie propose vraiment un voyage enrichissant. Je recommande chaudement.

Barbara Rose Brooks

I've travelled the world and done countless tours, this has to rate as one of the BEST ever. Outstanding guide, comfortable transport and excellent stopovers.


Out of the 3.5 weeks I spent on my trip to South Africa, the 3 day tour to Lesotho with Roof of Africa was hands down one of the highlights of my trip. First, I wanted to say that the staff at Roof of Africa, especially Emile and Peter are some of the most dedicated, caring people I have ever met. They go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and having a great time. They consistently go above and beyond and I have rarely seen this anywhere I have travelled. If there were awards for travel companies, I would nominate Roof of Africa a million times over until they get recognized for just how amazing they are. Emile is so patient. I usually travel solo but had a friend coming along with me. She was being difficult and took until the last second to confirm. I know this had to be causing huge headaches on the administration side but we never felt it once. Emile also arranged for a wonderful company to pick us up and drop us off in Durban. Then on the day of pick-up we were scheduled to fly from Kruger to Durban and our safari company dropped us at the wrong airport with not enough time to get to the correct airport. We were going to be hours late and I was panicking. Emile told us not to worry and she arranged with the driver to be there when our new flight would land. I don't know how she does it. Emile is a magical human! She also hand made a picnic lunch for us for the first day of the tour. Who does that? No one! It was the best lunch, and it is these type of personal touches that will make me shout from the top of Africa about how amazing this company is. Peter also needs to be mentioned - he is an outstanding guide. This tour is a lot of driving, through winding mountain roads and he is a fabulous driver. He is very safe, and attentive to the road, while also being attentive to us! There were so many instances where my friend and I were taking pictures out the window of the absolutely breathtaking scenery and without asking Peter would slow down, and often stop for us to take pictures. I mean, we did this a lot and never once did he seem annoyed. If I was him, I would have been annoyed! He is just so patient, wonderful and caring. He also is a master at spotting birds and animals. I would be looking out the windows and not see it and yet he is driving and yet somehow can spot them flying by. I have no words. I don't know how he does it. Is it magic? It must be magic. By the end of the tour I was so sad it was over. I could have easily spent 3 additional days touring with Peter and never gotten bored. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams of visiting Lesotho come true. Your country is so beautiful and everyone was so kind. I am dreaming of coming back, and when I do I absolutely will be booking again with Roof of Africa.


Himeville was named in 1902 after the then Prime Minister of Natal, Sir Albert Henry Hime, a road engineer elected as Prime Minister of Natal in 1889.
More About Himeville

Roof of Africa Tours

Roof of Africa Tours is a small family-run business, based in the beautiful village of Underberg.

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