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A Virtual African Elephant

Experience-Elephant Moments in Hoedspruit by Elephant Moments


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More about A Virtual African Elephant

Pull up a chair and a coffee and tune in to your private 45-minute live experience with a passionate Jabulani elephant carer and one or two of the Jabulani elephants.

Enjoy your very own unique virtual experience to “meet” an African elephant, and find out more about their incredible anatomy, their personality with the in-depth knowledge and personal experience provided by either Tigere or Owen, our elephant managers at Jabulani.

Take your time to ask any questions during this special time which you can share with anyone in your company as we stream live via ZOOM to your living room!

Your support in booking this live stream goes towards the ongoing essential elephant care of the Jabulani elephants. Your contribution also goes towards a 6-month bronze foster membership of an elephant of your choice – a certificate will be issued in your name

What people say

LOVED IT!!!! It's like your very own personal visit with the herd. My questions were answered. I le...  -  Vivian Caldea.



30 minutes


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The comfort of your own home.


This programme only serves as a guideline, as things often change in the bush, and therefore the program will adapt to what we see and experience

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Inclusions & Exclusions


Includes a 45-minute elephant experience with either one or two of the Jabulani elephants and their carers. A once off yearly Marula adoption is included for an elephant of your choice, and you will receive the adoption certificate after your experience. All proceeds go towards HERD Trust to help look after the Jabulani Elephants.



Opinions On A Virtual African Elephant

What the locals say about A Virtual African Elephant .

Vivian Caldea

LOVED IT!!!! It's like your very own personal visit with the herd. My questions were answered. I learned more about elephants. Tigere is SO knowledgable about them. I got to meet Adene and some info on baby Khanyisa! The whole team was so sweet and accommodating. Thank you for a very unique experience.

Emily Adams

A wonderful experience! Tigere (Spelling?) was very informative about elephant anatomy and his affection for his charges was clear. He said several times that we have much to learn from these wonderful animals. He was patient and very responsive in answering questions. I had lots of questions and he was cheerful about answering them! I was very impressed by the electronics! Tigere, who was in front of the camera, seemed able to hear and react to questions and comments immediately. I was also impressed by Chantel's skill with the camera and her knowledge of the herd as well. An excellent team. The landscape was beautiful and the two elephants were so lovely and cooperative. Just want to hug them! I wish I had a film of the safari to refer to, but Doubt that is available. I meant to ask about the little female albino orphan that was introduced to the herd.. I happened to find on YouTube the film the Jabulani team made of her introduction and wondered if she was still with the herd. Thank you for the interesting and emotional experience! Emily Adams Washington State, USA

Marion Brusuelas

My husband gave me my Virtual Elephant Experience for my birthday. I've followed the HERD elephants for a while and it was so fun to get to see a couple of the big bulls up close and personal. Tigere and his crew gave a very informative talk, but left me lots of time to ask all the questions I had been saving up for more than a year. It was a wonderful session that was over far too quickly. I will definitely do it again....We have hopes to visit HERD sometime in the future, but until we are able, this was the next best thing!


Such an amazing experience. Would recommend this to everyone. Informative, Fun, and overall Awesome


You’ll find the leafy town of Hoedspruit between the Kruger National Park and Blyde River Canyon.

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Elephant Moments

Elephant Moments' elephant interaction created an unique interactive experience with their herd of rescued Elephants.

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