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Wildlife experiences and tours of sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees near Nelspruit in the Lowveld Legogote region.

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Established in 2006 by the Jane Goodall Institute, Chimp Eden near Hazyview, White River and Nelspruit is the first and only chimpanzee sanctuary of its kind in South Africa. Our mission is the rescue and care of chimpanzees that have been orphaned, traded, abused or survived the bush meat trade.

The Jane Goodall Institute was founded in 1977 to continue her groundbreaking studies on chimpanzees. The Jane Goodall Institute is dedicated to raising awareness through education and eco-tourism. Understanding the lives and the plight of rescued chimpanzees is the best way to start the change.

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First lady taking us on tour was excellent. Hearing what each of these chimpanzees have been throug...  -  Raymond van Staden .

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Raymond van Staden

First lady taking us on tour was excellent. Hearing what each of these chimpanzees have been through really touched my heart. It's easy to lose faith in humanity but then you come to this chimpanzee rehabilitation centre and you see what these guys do to rehabilitate chimps. All I can say is well done.

Raymond van Staden  experienced the Chimpanzee Tour

Fiona Martin Senior Group (Paid on the 19th Jan 2019)

Sorry for the delay in responding to your request. Everyone enjoyed the tour our guide Dean (if my memory serves me correct) was very informative and as times add a bit of humour which everyone enjoyed. Where ever I can I try and promote the Sanctuary and will endeavour to try and bring another group at sometime.

Fiona Martin Senior Group (Paid on the 19th Jan 2019) experienced the Chimpanzee Tour

Denise Boyle

We were cheerfully welcomed and the tour was special and just wonderful. The two members of staff went out of their way to explain everything about the Chimps, they didn't rush us in any way, and what stood out was their obvious affection for each of the Chimps. What a joy to see Chimps in their habitat and so well cared for. Well done! We will highly recommend you to others.

Denise Boyle experienced the Chimpanzee Tour

James Romana-Powling

Our tour was a very engaging and informative experience. We had come some distance to make the visit and we were not disappointed with what we saw. Our guide, who had only been at the sanctuary for less than two years was very well informed and it was very pleasing to see how the chimps reacted to him. For anyone wishing to make this visit, we would not hesitate in recommending it, an excellent opportunity.

James Romana-Powling experienced the Chimpanzee Tour

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