Para-Pax Tandem Paragliding

Enjoy an Exhilarating tandem paragliding flight from Signal hill or Lions head.

How to Enjoy Para-Pax Tandem Paragliding

Tandem paragliding gives you an amazing sense of freedom. Once in the air, most people are surprised at how relaxed they feel. You'll sit comfortably upright (like on your sofa at home). You won't feel like you're sinking or falling at all, since you glide, nearly horizontally, through the air at around 40 km/hr.

In optimal weather conditions, you even have the chance to fly the paraglider yourself!

Your instructor will place his hands above yours to show you how to steer. It really is quite simple and really, really fun! This, like the aerobatics before landing, are completely optional of course!

What people say

Great experience, professional, helpful and friendly staff giving you amazing opportunity to catch s...  -  Marcin Sekowski.

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Opinions On Para-Pax Tandem Paragliding

What people say about Para-Pax Tandem Paragliding.

Marcin Sekowski

Great experience, professional, helpful and friendly staff giving you amazing opportunity to catch some of the greatest views of Cape Town. Definately worth time and money as the memories are stored for long after you return home :)

Marcin Sekowski experienced the Parapax Tandem Paragliding

Cristina Rodrigues

It was an amazing experience. The staff were very knowledgeable and reassuring. I would thoroughly recommend them and definitely para glide again.

Cristina Rodrigues experienced the Parapax Tandem Paragliding

Vladan Lausevic

It was among the most excited and amazing experiences in my life! Very professional and friendly service.

Vladan Lausevic  experienced the Parapax Tandem Paragliding

Madelon Rauwenhoff

Parapax Tandem gave us a very nice flight above Cape Town. Unfortunately we booked a flight for Monday,due to the weather we were only able to fly on Friday. Parapax has kept us well informed about the wheater and when they thought we could fly. Thank you so much for the great experience!

Madelon Rauwenhoff experienced the Parapax Tandem Paragliding

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