Ocean Wonder

Ocean Wonder is an owner run service that offers boat based Ocean Wildlife encounters.

How to Enjoy Ocean Wonder

Ocean Wildlife encounters are very intimate trips and do not follow any set route.

Instead, Paul the (owner) guides by his understanding and ongoing observation of this environment, the creatures in it, and the ever-changing water and weather conditions. That will result in a spectacular and insightful trip with him.

Ultimately, Ocean Wonder strives to protect the ocean environment by exposing people to the rich tapestry of life that is right on our doorstep...

What people say

Amazing experience. Everything about the experience was an adventure from the speed of the boat to t...  -  Jonathan P.

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Opinions On Ocean Wonder

What people say about Ocean Wonder.

Jonathan P

Amazing experience. Everything about the experience was an adventure from the speed of the boat to the cool spray of the water. We were lucky to be accompanied by tens of dolphins. We went up close to a whale. Saw a few seals, a sunfish. Really fun and informative. Highlight was seeing the wildlife converging when the dolphins were all driving fish to the surface of the water, which were then being picked off by hundreds of birds. Five thumbs up.

Jonathan P experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

Juliette Ginsberg

We had a fabulous trip out in Cape Town. Saw penguins, seals and two types of dolphins. Paul was very knowledgeable and all in all it was a great morning.

Juliette Ginsberg experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

depooter sophie

It was the best activity of my trip Paul is so cool. I saw many dolphins all around the boat and a whale Thank you so much for what yoûve done for me Paul Sophie

depooter sophie experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

Hai Huynh

Amazing experience! Thank you!

Hai Huynh experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

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