Ocean Wonder

Ocean Wonder is an owner run service that offers boat based Ocean Wildlife encounters.

How to Enjoy Ocean Wonder

Ocean Wildlife encounters are very intimate trips and do not follow any set route.

Instead, Paul the (owner) guides by his understanding and ongoing observation of this environment, the creatures in it, and the ever-changing water and weather conditions. That will result in a spectacular and insightful trip with him.

Ultimately, Ocean Wonder strives to protect the ocean environment by exposing people to the rich tapestry of life that is right on our doorstep...

What people say

We had a wonderful ocean adventure! We saw dolphins, pinguins, seals and a whale :D Thanks for t...  -  Sarah-Kristin Hehner.

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Opinions On Ocean Wonder

What people say about Ocean Wonder.

Sarah-Kristin Hehner

We had a wonderful ocean adventure! We saw dolphins, pinguins, seals and a whale :D Thanks for the great time!

Sarah-Kristin Hehner experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

Jean-Luc Hardy

What an amazing experience. The boat driver was the best host we could have asked for and made the extra effort to make sure we saw almost everything before the made our way back to land. We got to experience a once in a lifetime dolphin hunt. Definitely a must do for anyone in Cape Town.

Jean-Luc Hardy experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

Ianthe Hanfeld

great tour. We enjoyed the trip a lot. Nice experience with the dolphins, seals and birds.

Ianthe Hanfeld experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

Robin - Freedom Paddle

Great service from an extremely competent seamen. Paul took our media team and a few VIPS out as support for the Freedom Paddle. He was a pleasure to work with in that he just got the job done with zero fuss. He kept us updated throughout with updates from the water. I will definitely use his service again and highly recommend Ocean Wonder.

Robin - Freedom Paddle experienced the Ocean Wildlife Encounter

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