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Ocean Safaris offers an assortment of ocean safaris that includes whale and dolphin watching and marine tours.

How to Enjoy Ocean Safaris

Ocean Safaris offers an assortment of ocean safaris that include Whale and Dolphin watching and Marine tours. These tours make for excellent team-building experiences or are suited for small family groups.

As a family run business, Ocean Safaris ensures that we continue the original vision of providing great ocean safari experiences for all our passengers. We take care to ensure all our passenger's safety as well as the safety of the creatures we may come across by strictly complying to stringent rules and regulations as set down by the South African Maritime Safety Association and the SABBWWA.

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Many thanks for a great Dolphin Discovery Cruise. The crew were very knowledgeable and professional...  -  Anthony Carter.

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Anthony Carter

Many thanks for a great Dolphin Discovery Cruise. The crew were very knowledgeable and professional and worked hard to give us an amazing experience. We visited the Cape fur seal colony and followed a small pod of dolphins as they moved up the coast. The crews determination to make this a memorable experience was rewarded when we joined a pod of between 500 and 700 common dolphins. We were surrounded by the pod and followed them for 15 minutes. This was a once in a lifetime experience. The cruise was concluded with a thrilling 007 style high speed ride through the surf and up the beach. Well done. This was one of the highlights of our holiday in SA.

Anthony Carter experienced the Dolphin Discovery Cruise

Ze `ev

Excellent service the team made everything to make the trip safe and interesting.

Ze `ev experienced the Dolphin Discovery Cruise

Francesca Ashburner

Hello Ocean Safaris Thank you for a very enjoyable and family friendly trip. It is always thrilling to go out into the ocean and fortunately , although it rained towards the end of the trip, the sea was relatively calm. First Impressions : Your kiosk easy to find. The greeting was friendly and welcoming. The check in quick. Staff : Friendly & willing to assist. One felt at ease & safe with the skipper and the guide. : Both did give titbits of information regarding the behavior of the sea life as we went. It's hard to talk while the boat is going. Perhaps guests may want more of a running commentary about the surroundings , interesting facts etc ? Trip : Although we did not see the huge pod/s of bottle nose dolphins, despite going as far at Keurbooms , the safari aspect of the trip was "saved" by seeing the rare Humpback dolphins. The seals were entertaining and enjoyed by all on board. Overall Impression: We had a thoroughly fun time. I think one or two of the guests were disappointed at not seeing more dolphins. I understand, as with any safari, luck has a lot to do with finding the wildlife . Would it of been a better option to continue as far as or whether your company does go as far as Natures Valley? The reason I mention it is because as we were walking back the guide mentioned he believed the huge dolphin pod seen the day before was in Natures Valley because he saw the other boat , (competition ?) going that direction to find them. Is there anyone on the ground one can be in radio contact with to have better chance of finding the dolphins? Thanks again for a great experience and I most definitely would recommend the trip , ( even for scenic value only) , to our clients. Best Regards, Francesca D-Side Travel.

Francesca Ashburner experienced the Dolphin Discovery Cruise

Maria Olguin

Enjoy the safari

Maria Olguin experienced the Dolphin Discovery Cruise

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