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Shark-cage diving and boat trips near Gansbaai, bordered by superb mountain ranges in the Overberg.

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Marine Dynamics is the one-stop company for all your shark-cage diving needs. Situated in the stunning Overberg region, this charming fishing town offers exceptional natural beauty, whale watching opportunities and scenic boat trips, all of which can be experienced on Marine Dynamics’ trips.

Bought by Wilfred Chivell in 2005, Marine Dynamics has grown to become a leader in marine conservation. Convenient packages with transport options are available.

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Amazing experience from start to finish! From the moment I was picked up from my hotel to when I wa...  -  Grainne McGlinchey.

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Grainne McGlinchey

Amazing experience from start to finish! From the moment I was picked up from my hotel to when I was dropped off the experience was second to none. When we arrived at the centre we were greeted by very happy and enthusiastic staff who provided us with lots of information both about sharks, the area we were in and the trip itself, all while eating a delicious breakfast. The entire time on the boat we were well looked after by all the staff, the dive itself was very exciting and an adventure I will never forget. I was feeling extremely seasick while onboard but the staff on board looked after me, making sure I was okay until we returned to land - even upon returning they made sure I was settled before getting my bus home. I would highly recommend Marine Dynamics for your shark diving experience for their great service, how well they treat the animals around us never mind how well they treated us divers, and just for an all round great day out!

Grainne McGlinchey experienced the Shark Cage Diving

Ralf Hauptmann

Awesome experience. Definitely a must do when you are in South Africa. Very prof. staff and equipment.

Ralf Hauptmann experienced the Shark Cage Diving

Staci Cross

This was such an amazing experience. We booked directly through the website, and paid for the pick up and return transportation to Cape Town. By booking online, it also gave us the highlight video for free - which you could also purchase afterward. Our driver picked us up nice and early (around 5:45am) for the 11am trip. It was a long drive, about 3 hours, but we stopped at a cute little store for snacks and a restroom break at the halfway mark. When we arrived, breakfast was waiting, which was pastries, coffee and such. After a brief safety talk, which essentially tells you that the scariest part is the drive from Cape Town :), they outfit you with your wind jacket, a life jacket, and your wetsuit. After a short 2 minute walk to the boat, you are on your way. We were lucky and the seas were incredibly calm. It took about 15 minutes to get to the spot where they anchor and get set up. There were about 5 other boats in the area, all doing the same thing. They asked us to suit up into our wetsuits and facemarks - which were 7mm fully hooded wetsuits and get ready. They dropped the cage in the water, and then we rotated about 10 people at a time in the cage. The cage is attached to the boat, and sits at the surface of the water. When sharks arrive, the crew yells “DIVE” and you dip your head under the surface and check out the amazing view. You’re in there for about 20-30 minutes, depending on how many sharks and what’s going on in the water. Everyone should experience seeing these creatures in their environment - it’s truly an amazing experience. During our turn, we saw 2 great whites (one at 4.2 meters and the other at 2 meters), along with 7 copper sharks. It was truly UNREAL to see these amazing creatures. The water was super cold, but you forget about it after a few minutes in the water and once the wetsuit does it’s job. When we came out of the water, they had towels, hot chocolate and hot tea waiting for everyone. Accompanying us the entire time, and leading the day was a marine biologist. We had Kelly who was AWESOME. She was incredibly knowledgable, and answered the millions of questions from the passengers with a true passion for the ocean and it’s creatures. Outside of the amazing sharks, Kelly made the trip. We were out there for about 3 hours, and then headed back in to shore. Awaiting us was soup and bread, and Kelly debriefed us on what all we saw. There is a chance to grab a beer too, as well as a gift shop. We took advantage of both! We then loaded back up in the same vans, and headed back to town. We arrived back around 5:30p/6pm for the day. Pro Tip #1: Next time, stay in Hermanus - the beautiful little town about 30 minutes away. It’s an amazing town, and MUCH closer to this experience. Pro Tip #2: Bring a change of clothes for the van ride back. You’re gross (after all of that chum in the water), and you will want a fresh set of clothes.

Staci Cross experienced the Shark Cage Diving

Pedro Pessôa

Amazing experience! The crew was very helpful since the first contact by e-mail until the day we dived in the cage!

Pedro Pessôa experienced the Shark Cage Diving

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