Durban Green Corridor

Mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, birdwatching and more in uMgeni, eNanda and iSithumba, KwaZulu-Natal.

How to Enjoy Durban Green Corridor

Durban Green Corridor is best known for fun outdoor leisure activities focussing on authentic eco-tourism in uMgeni and surrounds. They’re specialists in providing information and reservations, whether you’re interested in going hiking, canoeing, mountain biking or having a cultural experience.

An initiative by the eThekwini Municipality and the Duzi uMgeni Conservation Trust, Durban Green Corridor focuses on job creation, social empowerment, eco-tourism, nature conservation and environmental education. The support received goes back to the community and the environment.

What people say

all loved it and such friendly helpful people on staff...  -  Kara Laurenzi.

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What people say about Durban Green Corridor.

Kara Laurenzi

all loved it and such friendly helpful people on staff

Kara Laurenzi experienced the uMgeni Canoeing Own Boat

Natalie Silipowicv

It was a wonderful hike, the tour guide was very friendly and provided us with wonderful information. Thank you!

Natalie Silipowicv experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour

Rebecca Sindlall

We booked through Durban Green Corridor and when we arrived at eNanda Adventure Centre, the information about the booking had not been passed along. This meant that the Rasta community had not been alerted and so there was nobody from the community available to give us information about the Rasta Caves. Having said that, Gabi, the trails manager, was great. He took us down to the Falls and the Caves himself and shared his own knowledge about the sights and the Rasta community. It was a fun afternoon and Gabi certainly made the best of what could have been a bad situation. I would recommend this afternoon out and we will be back to ride the trails after hearing Gabi's infectious excitement about riding there!

Rebecca Sindlall experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour

Thandeka Nkosi

Hi- Had a lovely experience definitely will be going back and have recommended the place to everyone. Didn’t know we had a gem of a place in our backyard. Although we didn’t meet the Rasta community we still managed to enjoy the hike. Our guide was the best, handled our inquisitive minds with the utmost of love and care. Just one thing that we spoke to the guide about already- the directions need improving. I am a local and still managed to get lost. Only downside was that we were informed on the day that we would have to use our car- and the road to the Caves is not for the car we had.

Thandeka Nkosi experienced the eNanda Cultural Tour

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