Cobra Experience

Since the production of the first Cobra in ’62, by Shelby, the beautiful Cobra car has taken the world by storm. If you’re looking for a way to tour the Cape Peninsula, why not ride your way – in a Cobra?

How to Enjoy Cobra Experience

As the official agent for Backdraft Racing, we bring you a fleet of factory-built Cobras, here's your chance!

With Cobra Experience, you can embark on a self-drive journey and witness the true beauty Cape Town has to offer, making memories in a classic-looking race car with a contemporary twist (and a fun V8 engine, yes, yes).

Prepare to feel the engines roar vibrate through your body and exhilarate you when you drive this magnificent beautiful car.

Nothing will prepare you for the experience of driving a Cobra, make sure to live the experience, now.

What people say

Abolutely loved it! Very cool car, great sound, perfect for a one-day roadtrip around the Cape Penin...  -  Christoph Kuehler.

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Opinions On Cobra Experience

What people say about Cobra Experience.

Christoph Kuehler

Abolutely loved it! Very cool car, great sound, perfect for a one-day roadtrip around the Cape Peninsula

Christoph Kuehler experienced the Full Peninsula CobraExperience

Mohammad Ghunaim

Amazing experience. Highly recommended.

Mohammad Ghunaim experienced the Blue With White Stripes

John Hume

A great experience and a 'wish list' item. A very basic car and exhilarating to drive, you just need to find a quiet stretch to fully use.

John Hume experienced the 24H Freedom Cobra Experience


I enjoyed the whole experience

TEBOGO CHILOANE experienced the Blue With White Stripes

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