St Francis Bay

A seaside village on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape, where you can go fishing and whale watching.

How to Enjoy St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay is perfect if you like being close to water. River, canal and ocean cruising make for fantastic boat trip opportunities. Fishing trips are another great option because there’s plenty in the sea and estuary, for some deep-sea, big game or saltwater fly fishing activities.

St Francis Bay is also the winter holiday home for whales that come to its waters between May and November each year – a whale watching excursion is not to be missed. Dolphins reside all year round, and can be seen when heading out to sea, while otters frolic in the port of St Francis Bay.

Ideal for  

Boat trips, fishing trips, deep-sea fishing trips and whale watching.

Do not expect  

To see whales in summer; they only come close to shore for breeding in winter.

Best Activities In St Francis Bay

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