Cheetah Walk

During a cheetah walk, expect to interact with the world’s fastest land mammal.

How to Enjoy Cheetah Walk

The cheetah walk is an interactive and educational wildlife activity, where you’ll spend quality time with these elegant felines. On arrival at the park, you will be welcomed by skilled guides and handlers, who will show you how to familiarise and interact with these beautiful creatures.

Your cheetah walk could last between 30 minutes and several hours, depending on the area. Take in the hues of daybreak or feel the evening breeze whilst walking them at sunrise or sunset. Each cat has a name, story and personality, and learning about them will make your cheetah walk even more rewarding.

Ideal for  

Feline lovers, game ranger wannabes, and thrill-seekers.

Do not expect  

Interacting with the cheetahs without controlled supervision from qualified guides.

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