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Art Classes - weekly

by Visit South Africa


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Husband and Wife team Botha Louw and Cherylin Botha-Louw are professional artists and co-owners of Botha’s art studio, which has been going for 11 years. We are stationed in Hopefield, Western Cape, South Africa. We have both been published in “The Collector’s guide to Art and Artists in South Africa.”

Herewith our Fundamental values regarding Botha’s art studio: *Sharing knowledge is our foundation *Creating independence *Developing student style is the essence

Our Mission: *Actively contribute to a better local Art Community *Develop, produce and sell top quality affordable art

Our Vision: *High level of satisfaction and excellent development achieved by our students.



3 hours


Wednesday 10:00 - 13:00


Brickwall Gallery, Hopefield


Not applicable.

What to Wear:

Comfortable clothes

Things to bring:

Paints/brushes and mediums if you have. An A3 canvas when needed. Yourself and an open mind to learn.

Guests or Spectators:

No guests allowed.

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


Botha teaches you: how to block in your painting / how to do your brush stroke / how to use your mediums / how to mix your paints / how to apply your paint to the canvas / how to apply different techniques / how to finish off your painting / how to sign your name


Paints/brushes and mediums if you have. An A3 canvas when needed.

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