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Walk on the Wildside

Hiking Tour in Cape St Francis by Resort Adventures


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More about Walk on the Wildside

Walk on the Wildside is a moderate hike, suityable for most fitness levels and ages . It is a clover

Day 1 - 14h00 Arrive at Cape St Francis Resort , check in. Enjoy an unguided walk through the nearby floral nature reserve. All paths are clearly marked . Two-course dinner at Joe Fish restaurant. Overnight accommodation

Day 2 - After breakfast enjoy a 16km coastal hike taking you through coastal thicket and forests, the second-largest blow hole in Southern Africa, shipwrecks, middens , Seal Point lighthouse before you finish on the beach at the Resort. Tonight, your 2-course dinner is served at Full Stop Café. Overnight accommodation .

Day 3 - The trail around 12kms continues from the Resort to Port St Francis , the only privately owned commercial harbour in the country. Enjoy a calamari tasting and see a chokka cleaning demonstration. After a light lunch you hike back to the Resort. Depart



54 hours




Small craft harbour St Francis Bay



What to Wear:

Comfortable hiking gear, hiking shoes or running shoes , hat - bring the costume as there are lovely rock pools along the way, jacket for wind and warmth

Things to bring:

Sunscreen and snacks

Guests or Spectators:


Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


The hike is guided and fully catered to ensure the best experience. Rate includes all meals, transfers, calamari tasting, and farewell lunch.



Cape St Francis

Cape St. Francis is a village in South Africa, situated on a headland in the Eastern Cape Province.

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Resort Adventures

Discover this unique and exclusive paradise on the Eastern Cape coast, which draws holidaymakers from all over the world.

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