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More about Shallow Boat Dive

The shallow boat dives are guided by a Pro Dive professional guide and the boat leaves from Hobie Beach to the various dive sites located not far from the beautiful beachfront (20 minute boat ride).

The Eastern Cape is unique in that there is an abundance of beautiful soft, colourful corals teeming with fish and small critters due to the temperate, nutrient rich waters. There is also a good chance of seeing Ragged Tooth Sharks on most of the shallow boat dives as they are resident in these waters.

Average Temperature: 17 - 18 degrees Celsius Depth : 6m – 40 m Visibility (in meters): 1 – 20m+ Recommended wetsuit: 5mm or 7mm & hoodie Visibility (in meters): 2 – 20m+


Shark Alley Reef

Depth: 5-18m Qualification: All Levels This reef is also known as Roman Rock due to a large number of Red Roman fish that are found here. This pinnacle is situated close to Bell Buoy - a belled buoy to alert boat and ships of the shallow water. It is a short boat ride from Hobie Beach and is a favourite with most divers. The large reef is made up of gullies and pinnacles which are teeming with fish, soft corals, feather stars, starfish, sea fans and anemones. Many animals from the smallest nudibranch to the Ragged-tooth shark share a spot on this popular reef.

Phillips Reef

Depth: 8-16m Qualification: All Levels Phillips reef is often a forgotten dive site which offers some spectacular diving. The reef is in close proximity to Hobie beach with characteristic gully formation. The Ragged Tooth shark is often sighted here together with the pyjama and leopard cat sharks. The reef is densely populated with colourful sea fans, sponges and soft corals. Crustaceans, nudibranchs and a wide variety of fish also populate the reef.

Shy Shark Reef

Depth: 6-17m Qualification: All Levels Shyshark reef has one main pinnacle that reaches up to 6m from the surface. It is densely covered by hard and soft corals that displays an array of vibrant colours. As the name suggests, sightings of shysharks are common. A definite must for the adventurous diver!

Please see our website for further details on other shallow boat dives in the area.

What people say

Very dice dive. Really professional and cool!!!! We saw a shark!! ...  -  Francisco Vido.



2 hours


All year round


Pro Dive - Hobie Beach - Port Elizabeth


All trips are weather dependent and conditions will be checked on the morning of your activity, one hour prior to arrival time. Please note that if the weather conditions are not suitable for diving the Charter can be cancelled on the morning of the dive. You would then have the option to re-schedule or obtain a full refund.

What to Wear:

Wetsuit on the boat (the boat is a wet environment)

Things to bring:

Diver must bring along scuba diving certification card and/or log book. Swimwear, towel, sunscreen, change of clothes Full Gear (Scuba and Soft Gear), Cylinder ( in the event that you are not renting from us)

Guests or Spectators:

Please enquire to check on availability to join for the boat ride

Min Age:


Certification Required:

Entry Level Scuba Diving Certification
Inclusions & Exclusions


Dive guide Use of facilities (showers, lockers, washing up facilities)


Gear Hire Soft Gear (Wetsuit, Mask & Snorkel, Fins, Weightbelt) Scuba Gear (BC, DV & Tank) We do have limited availability of diving computers. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Opinions On Shallow Boat Dive

What the locals say about Shallow Boat Dive.

Francisco Vido

Very dice dive. Really professional and cool!!!! We saw a shark!!

Klaus Heimes

Dennis and other staff go out of their way to carry and load kit. Important to Janet and I as we have sore bones. Good COVID adherence. Good DM. Nice boat. Limited viz, but good ragged to see.

Brian Duthie

We had great service from the Pro Dive shore team. Ensuring all Covid protocols were followed under much public scrutiny. The weather was fantastic and had a calm boat ride out to the dive site. There were a lot to see this time as the vis was between 8 to 10m. Fantastic corals, lots of small shoals of reef fish. Saw about 5 small Raggies ( ragga tooth sharks) cruising the gullies in the reef Thank you Pro Dive team for the service you provided.

James Troup


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