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LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary by LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary


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LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary is the biggest FOUR PAWS Sanctuary Worldwide. The animals in our care were rescued from a history of circuses, zoos, private keeping and the captive breeding industry.

Unfortunately, hand raised big cats can never be released into the wild, and therefore we have a lifelong commitment to taking care of over 100 big cats. As a result of years of suffering in captivity, with inadequate nutrition and lack of medical attention, some animals need special medical care.

At LIONSROCK, we offer our rescued big cats a beautiful life. It is only thanks to your donations that True Sanctuaries like LIONSROCK can operate.

Your donations provide a lifelong species appropriate home to these animals and support us with feeding the animals, providing sensory enrichment and high standard medical care.

We can only do this with your help.

On behalf of the animals, the FOUR PAWS team would like to thank you for making a difference!

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23 hours


Year round


Farm Kleinbloemhof, Bethlehem


No weather restrictions. You are more than welcome to call ahead of time to check the expected weather conditions for the day (+27 58 304 1003 )

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Bring along Sunhat | Sunblock | Binoculars | Camera | water | Masks

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LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

A Lifelong home for Big Cats

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