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Montagu has beautiful historical buildings and sometimes people say: “If these walls could talk…” History is preserved through the stories we tell. Your guide, Marchelle van Zyl, will be telling you the stories of the mischievious, the naughty ones and the scary ones who lived here and never left… During the tour you will hear stories about the history of the town as well as stories of some of the characters who lived here. Marchelle gathered the stories from the town’s people. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is up to you. Some of the stories are just outrages, others might send a chill down your spine.

Learn about the history of the town as well as some of the strange and wonderful characters who lived here and don’t want to leave. Who knows, if you are lucky, you might meet one of them…

What people say

Flying Feet's ghost tour in Montagu is highly recommendable - Marchelle cleverly adapts the scary bi...  -  Colette du Plessis .



1 hour 30 minutes


All year round


24 Bath Street, Montagu


In case of heavy rain, the tour will be rescheduled.

What to Wear:

Something warm to wear in the night air and a sense of humour.

Things to bring:


Guests or Spectators:

You are not allowed to make use of our bicycles under the influence of drugs or alcohol These are backpedal Dutch bikes. You have to be tall enough to ride an adult size bike. You are welcome to bring your own bicycle.

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Experience Level:


Certification Required:

Inclusions & Exclusions


Bicycle, Helmet + Drinks (alcoholic local muscadel, soda for the children)



Opinions On Ghost and Historic Town

What the locals say about Ghost and Historic Town.

Colette du Plessis

Flying Feet's ghost tour in Montagu is highly recommendable - Marchelle cleverly adapts the scary bits of the tour to entertain the entire family! Our group consisted of two families with children's ages ranging from 14 to 8, a couple from Sweden and another from Cape Town. We were all invited to participate in the re-telling of the people of Montagu's stories from the early 1700s. A delightful tour and great way to get to know the area. We did the tour at 19:30 on a summer's night and loved the slowly-getting-darker feel. Just do it!


The picturesque and rural gem that is Montagu is famous for its hot springs, scenic mountains and fertile farmland.

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