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Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

in Oudtshoorn by Five Shy Meerkats


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More about Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

The most popular of our activities we offer are without a doubt the daily wild habituated meerkat tours. These tours that commence only at sunrise are dependent on fair weather since these little creatures will not venture outside their burrows rainy days. (No tours on rainy days & Christmas day).

Meerkats are part of the so-called Shy 5 which also includes the bat-eared fox, the aardvark, porcupine and aardwolf. The meerkat tours last between 2-3 hours and booking is essential. Upon arrival at the meerkat burrows, guests are treated to a hot cup of coffee, after which they are issued with a lightweight aluminum chair to sit in while observing the meerkats as they come out of the burrow into the sunshine and then go about their daily routine of foraging and frolicking. These habituated wild animals are never fed or handled by humans.

Tours are presented by experienced tour guides. It is a fantastic experience & unique privilege to get this close to these little creatures in the wild.

The day before the booked tour, the guides have to go out and search for the meerkats. Upon his return from the field, he will then inform us of the meeting point and time…

No children under the age of 10 years allowed as you have to sit very quietly in order not to scare the little creatures. Pictures may be taken So please bring your Camera.

What people say

Amazing experience. Absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend....  -  Nieccia Mille.



15 hours 59 minutes


Closed on Christmas Day, Boxingday, New years Day.


Oudtshoorn R62 9km outside of Oudtshoorn towards Calitzdorp. Sunrise tours only. All tour are sunrise and weather dependable thus start time can only be confirmed one day in advance. It is preferred that you contact us via mobile as we are often in the field and not able to check on our emails as regularly as we would like. Our contact number is 084 772 9678.


This service is weather dependent. The tour will continue as long as it does not rain.

What to Wear:

Comfortable, warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes.

Things to bring:

Camera, spyglass / binoculars, warm clothes,

Guests or Spectators:

Only paying guest are allowed on this tour

Min Age:



Inclusions & Exclusions


Coffee & Tea Home Made African Rusks Beautiful Sunrise 2-3 hour tour Meerkats Chair


Meals and other refreshments

Opinions On Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour

What the locals say about Wild Meerkat Adventure Tour .

Nieccia Mille

Amazing experience. Absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend.

William Lawler

Very good overall experience and great fun seeing the meerkats up close. Probably a bit too much mindless chatter from the leaders and at the high end on cost but overall worth doing.

Paul Gosbee

A wonderful morning adventure with delightful animals. The trip was well organised, with knowledgeable guides. The meerkats showed on time and we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent. The trip was well priced considering the time that is spent by the guides in researching and ensuring the trip is successful the day before.I would recommend anyone to go on it. What was especially good was that the guides did not intimate they were expecting a tip as so often is the case with trips of this nature.

Theo Johnson

We had an awesome time and it was really a great experience. Thank you Theo and Anja


The town of Oudtshoorn along the Swartberg mountains is the home of the largest ostrich population worldwide.
More About Oudtshoorn

Five Shy Meerkats

Welcome to Five Shy Meerkats. Based in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Situated in the northern part of the Garden Route, with a lot of fun activities, natural wildlife and the home of Meerkat Adventures.

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