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Elephant Interaction & Ride

in Hazyview by Elephant Whispers


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More about Elephant Interaction & Ride

See what it’s like to interact with elephants on this memorable and emotional elephant experience in Hazyview. You’ll get close to these gentle giants and come to understand their intelligence and nurturing nature first-hand. You’ll be able to touch them and learn about their behaviour during the elephant experience.

Once you’re comfortable in their presence, there’s the opportunity for an elephant back safari, a truly unique experience. Professional handlers will walk with you all the way, leading the elephants through the bush. This is a very special experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

What people say

It was absolutely amazing - to be able to interact with this majestic animals is out of this world...  -  Melanie Human.



1 hour 25 minutes


Throughout the year, apart from Christmas Day and New Year's Day when the facility is closed.


Elephant Whispers is in Hazyview, next to Hippo Hollow Hotel on the R40. GPS Co-Ordinates: SOUTH -25° 1’ 39.2268” | EAST 31° 7’ 30.9822”


The activity may be delayed, or have to be rescheduled should there be a thunderstorm or heavy rain.

What to Wear:

Cool comfortable clothing. Please bring a light jacket or jumper during the cool winter months. It is more comfortable to wear long trousers and closed shoes when riding the elephant. Sunhat

Things to bring:

Camera with a spare memory card and extra batteries Mosquito repellent for the early mornings and late afternoons. Sun Screen

Guests or Spectators:

Visitors not partaking in the activity are welcome to wait at Reception, unfortunately they will not be able to watch the Elephant activity.

Min Age:


Max Weight:



Inclusions & Exclusions


Interaction and Elephant Back Ride


Items of a personal nature Refreshments

Opinions On Elephant Interaction & Ride

What the locals say about Elephant Interaction & Ride.

Melanie Human

It was absolutely amazing - to be able to interact with this majestic animals is out of this world


Really interesting, both the explanation about elephant "lifstyle" in South Africa and the ride with (on) them later. Suggested!

Diona Kriel

Diona had an absolute wonderful time, and because it was her 18th Birthday as well and the elephant gave her her gift, she was absolute overjoyed. She is a huge animal lover and was very impressed that the animals are so loved and well cared for.

Pat Baxter

The Elephant Whispers staff including the elephants were helpful and most informative giving an excellent and most enjoyable educational experience.It IS an experience of a life time, which has lingered in my heart. After having the amazing experience a TV production showed the abuse that occurs in training. It would be helpful to include how training takes place so I can continue to be one of your strong advocates. May the care of these Elephants go from strength to strength. Pat Baxter .


Midway between the Drakensberg escarpment and the Kruger National Park is where you’ll find Hazyview.
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Elephant Whispers

Elephant experiences, interaction and elephant back safaris in beautiful Hazyview, Lowveld Legogote.

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