Bikes 'n Wines

The inventive merging of a wine tasting tour while mountain biking in Stellenbosch, Cape Winelands.

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Bikes ‘n Wines offers the ingenious mix of mountain biking and wine tours in the famous Stellenbosch winelands. We have access to private roads, allowing tours to pass through beautiful vineyards and spectacular scenery. Bikes ‘n Wines currently visit up to four different estates and we offer five different tour options.

This unique concept has been going since 2010, serving small groups of young-hearted, nature-loving people of all ages. Our preferred number of riders is 12, but up to 40 can be accommodated by prior arrangement. Bikes ‘n Wine also offers personalised tours alongside our various group packages.

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PLUS: nice MTB tour, not to hard but challenging enough, stops at 4 different types of wineries, we ...  -  Elpee.

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PLUS: nice MTB tour, not to hard but challenging enough, stops at 4 different types of wineries, we tasted a lot of wines (17 in total), friendly guide, good bikes & helmets, a couple of photo stops along the way MIN: lunch was in the last winery so a little late for us, no snacks during the tour Overall recommended!

Elpee experienced the Adventure Mountain Bike Tour

Pedro Henrique Paiva Abrantes

Nice experience on Adventure Tour. Nice route. The best way to know the Stellenbosch Vineyards. The guide was awesome and explains everything. Worth it!

Pedro Henrique Paiva Abrantes experienced the Adventure Mountain Bike Tour

Rebecca Murray

Informative guide, great wine and beautiful weather!

Rebecca Murray experienced the MTB Vineyard Meander

Jan Schuller

Very nice tour in small group lead by a very pleasant leader

Jan Schuller experienced the Adventure Mountain Bike Tour

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