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Cross Country Tandem Flight

Winelands by Winelands Paragliding


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More about Cross Country Tandem Flight

If you are looking for something that lasts a bit longer, we are pleased to offer our cross-country journeys that extend air time and cover exhilarating and unforgettable landscapes.

Cross Country tandem flight

Winelands Paragliding are offering all the adventure lovers out there a chance to enjoy a fun and exhilarating Cross Country tandem Paragliding flight. On this type of flight we try to fly as far as possible, normally between 10-30 km in an hour (depending on the weather conditions). Experience a true Adventure of being able to fly like the Eagles do. In suitable weather conditions we use thermals to climb as high as possible and explore the area around us by gliding towards the next thermal.

That's it: cross-country flying! - the ultimate dream of all gliding, hangliding and paragliding pilots. Why? Because it's different. Because it makes you think, sense, imagine, smile...Some compare it to playing chess in the sky, and the reward is the beauty you'll find and the freedom you'll feel.

Expect to be occupied for about an hour and a half to two hours. Flight time is anything between 30 minutes to an hour and requires excellent thermic flying conditions. If the flight is shorter than 15 minutes we will drive you back to the take off area and take off again without any additional costs. Sometimes, it only takes one flight to put things in life into perspective. Just about everyone who flies with us are all smiles when we return to mother earth! The deep feelings coming all over you, resonates with your heart, fills your soul with wonder and awakens your mind!



2 hours


All year round weather dependent.


FRANSCHHOEK paragliding location is in Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, we will meet at the parking area and hut at the start of the Mont Rochelle hike ( on Franschhoek pass. Every person who wants to enter the reserve to fly must pay R50 CASH at the hut as a conservation fee. There are no shops but outside toilets are available. DU TOITS KLOOF paragliding location is at the last look out stop before entering the kloof on Du Toits Kloof pass(R101). There are unfortunately no shops or toilets near the launch area. PAARL ROCK we meet at Bootleggers in Frater Square. From there we drive up Jan Phillips drive to Paarl Rock in an open air game viewer style vehicle. If you prefer you can meet us at Paarl Rock.


Paragliding is entirely weather dependent, we can only fly at your preferred Time and Destination if the weather allows. Each paragliding LOCATION requires a very specific wind direction and wind speed. Be sure to check in with us 2 hours before the time of your booking to confirm the weather is suitable. We do not take any chances with you, our valued client and will only fly if it is safe to do so. If we are unable to fly from the location you booked for we can offer an alternative location or reschedule your booking. If you we are unable to fly during your stay in our area we will give you a full refund.

What to Wear:

1. We recommend you wear trousers or shorts and a light jacket or windbreaker, depending on the weather. 2. All participants must please wear hiking shoes or trainers 3. Dresses, skirts and any sandals are not suitable.

Things to bring:

1. A copy of your booking confirmation or gift voucher. 2. Your Covid19 face mask. 3. Sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. 4. Motion sickness medication(recommended)

Guests or Spectators:

Guest and spectators are welcome to join for free unless they require the use of our transport service or the location requires an admittance fee.

Min Age:


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Max Height:


Max Weight:


Certification Required:

Not Applicable
Inclusions & Exclusions


In-flight media package consisting of HD video and pictures, personal qualified Tandem Flight instructor, paragliding helmet and harness and retrieval back to the meeting point.


Pick-up and drop-off service.

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Almost anybody can experience the excitement of free flight by flying tandem with an instructor.

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