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The course focuses on advanced tips and kitchen shortcuts, as well as recipes that challenge the use of knife skills, timing, presentation and balancing nutrition.

Each day participants work with the chef to test and sample new flavors, ideas and get to work with unusual and out of the ordinary ingredients to prepare delicious meals. Each day progresses onto more challenging and interesting recipe combinations. Please note: Skill level for this course should be at least 5/10.

This course is aimed at foodies and cooks wanting to take their cooking skills to the next level.

What people say

I thoroughly recommend the Intermediate Cooking Skills course, not only as a very useful learning cu...  -  P. June Song.



3 hours 30 minutes


This course is available all year round.


3 Woodcutters Grove Estate, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


This courses are not weather dependent. Come rain or shine, the course will proceed.

What to Wear:

Wear something comfortable to cook in.

Things to bring:

You don't need to bring anything extra with you to cook with.

Guests or Spectators:

We do allow spectators to join, at 50% of the course price.

Min Age:


Experience Level:


Certification Required:

Inclusions & Exclusions


All ingredients, recipes, and lunch; professional chef to lead the course.


Any beverages.

Opinions On Intermediate Cooking Skills

What the locals say about Intermediate Cooking Skills.

P. June Song

I thoroughly recommend the Intermediate Cooking Skills course, not only as a very useful learning curve, but also as a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who love cookery, being shown, and then putting into practice, techniques we have all wanted to know about, perfecting our current skills, broadening our horizons as to what we can create, as well as superb interaction with Jody our Chef along with the group one cooks with. Stir Crazy is a unique concept for people such as I who have work commitments and cannot partake in a long full-on cookery course (much as we would love to!); it is a unique market and gives those of us who love cooking but lack the necessary skills and confidence to partake in a most enjoyable experience and atmosphere. I would love to return one day to Stir Crazy and cover more courses, or even re-fresh myself on courses covered already. I took many inspiring photos on my phone as to what I (we) could produce, as well as happy photographs of our group working and socialising together, but, unfortunately, do not have them downloaded on my Laptop.

Simone Symeonidis

I received a voucher for this course as a Christmas present - it was the best gift EVER. What an incredible experience - it’s a relaxed, fun and friendly environment - with awesome people, great wine and the yummiest of food! It really doesn't feel like a class or structured learning - even though you actually get to learn so much! Jody was such a fantastic guide through this memorable culinary experience – I can’t wait to book my next course through Stir Crazy, thank you so much!

Peter deering

just some quick thoughts, meant to be constructive! i called in advance to let you know i was going to be late on the first day, which i then confirmed later on another call. no one seemed to pass on the message as i was called asking where i was! communications? the introductory talk at the start of each session felt a bit too long? perhaps get the info across during the session and follow up with the notes? the last session for me was the best as i was challenged to create a menu and deliver it, including the plating. it made me achieve something which at the start of the week i don't think i could have delivered, so well done for that! i enjoyed the progress i made across the four sessions and pleased to have done the course! many thanks!!

Karen Denman

Loved every minute . Chef Jody was a great inspiration and so patient. Thank you Stir Crazy Cookery School

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