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More about Party Bike Day Rental (7 hrs)

If there is a big event in town make sure you arrive on a Partybike. Partybike can be hired for an event or function for a maximum of 7 hours. Pricing would be based on various factors that would need to be discussed with Partybike beforehand ( Our pricing is based on the specifics needed for your event. Private event bookings are available for groups of 8-12 people. PartyBike event staff all have a wide body of experience in PartyBike branded events. They will be able to interact with the public professionally and confidently on your behalf and ensure the highest standards are maintained. Once you have an idea for your event; at PartyBike we can assist with choreographing the party bike with your event. We can audit for suitability and calculate timings of distances between desired stops.



7 hours


6 Days a week


Based on event organised


The probability of rain during any given Party Bike tour of a given day is 5-7%. If the rain is light we always have a fitted roof for your protection, along with storage compartments for the goodies you would like to bring along. The roof can be seen on the home page. We check the forecast in the morning of an event and if the weather looks like heavy rain we will call you to offer you the option to cancel and receive a full refund if you have booked a standard tour. For a Branded Event we are unable to offer any refunds or part-day cancellations due to wet weather. However, we may be able to change the date at no extra charge. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Nobody under 10 years old can board the Party Bike, and we can only let those 18 years old or over operate the pedal points.

What to Wear:

* Comfortable clothes and shoes * Sun hat * Sunglasses * a Smile on your face

Things to bring:

Catering for private events will be discussed and organised with you, depending on your requirements.

Guests or Spectators:

Guests are not allowed to turn up drunk; we simply cannot allow you to come on board if you are. Additionally we’d ask you to remain on board whilst we’re moving, and to obey all instructions from our staff who will give you a full safety talk at the start.

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


* Includes use of all panel advertising space * A driver or guide * Assistance delivery and collection and full public liability insurance * Assistance with route planning * Music * Bar tender


* Beverages. Contact for arrangements. * Barman

Cape Town

Explore Cape Town with its Table Mountain, wine farms, great beaches, famous Waterfront and Robben Island.

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Party Bike

Party Bike knows what it takes to provide an extraordinary social experience for our customers. With the largest e-bike in South Africa, equipped with bar counters, music, fans and lights, what could go wrong.

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