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Rafting the Vaal in the Vredefort Dome for a full day, 0830-16h00, is an awesome experience. A delicious picnic lunch on river is included. The route takes us through the most spectacular sections with the biggest rapids..

The Vaal is the only major river on earth that crosses a meteorite crater, and it is the largest crater at that. The area is a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its scientific, scenic and cultural value. The mountains that loom over the river are the first ring of the crater. The rapids roar down rocky inclines as the river cuts its way through the Dome. The mood is one of exhilaration and triumph. Birdlife is plentiful, with fish eagles, African darters, cormorants and many kingfishers. We may spot otters and the large monitor lizard or leguaan.

On all our trips you can choose between boats: 2-seater paddle-yourself crocs are popular with the braver types; 4-6 seater paddle rafts with a guide on board appeal to families and groups of friends; there are passenger rafts rowed by a single guide where all you have to do is hang on; and at some easier rapids we pause for optional tubing in the whitewater. Whatever your choice, the magnificent Vaal is full of fun.



7 hours 30 minutes


November to April Closed on Christmas day and New Year


Parys, Free State


Weather dependent service

What to Wear:

Comfortable clothing for rafting

Things to bring:

Sunblock All additional items

Guests or Spectators:

Spectators welcome to wait at starting point

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


Guide / Life Guard Raft Life Jacket Helmet Lunch


All additional items


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