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Double kayak in Knysna by Knysna Charters


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A kayak for 2 to explore the Knysna Lagoon… Slowly paddle your way on the pristine lagoon and take time out to admire the natural beauty. Stop at the beach and catch some sunshine along the way.

Kayaking is great fun for the whole family, provided you can swim! For first time kayakers, don't be nervous - the kayaks are stable and easy to manoeuvre - and you're guaranteed to create some funny adventurous memories.

Kayak rental rates are based on a ‘per double kayak, per hour basis’. No previous kayaking experience is necessary. Life jackets and paddles are provided. Bringing along your phone or camera is not advised.

What people say

Very enjoyable. Polite and efficient staff....  -  Chris Sadler.



1 hour


Seven days a week, morning hire is recommended.


Thesen Island Knysna at the Experience Knysna Curio shop next to Sirocco restaurant. Thesen Island is the island in the middle of the lagoon, it has all the white house on it.


Weather dependant

What to Wear:

Clothing that is comfortable when wet....as you might fall in the water.

Things to bring:

Please bring a hat, water, snacks, sun-tan lotion and suitable clothing. Bring a water proof plastic bag to keep valuables in the kayak compartment.

Guests or Spectators:

Spectators are welcome to wait at our offices until the return.

Min Age:



Inclusions & Exclusions


Double kayak, life jacket and paddle


Drinks and snacks are not provided on this activity, but guests are welcome to bring along their own water and refreshments (remember all refuse must be brought off the water again).

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What the locals say about Kayak Hire - 1 hour.

Chris Sadler

Very enjoyable. Polite and efficient staff.


You’ll discover Knysna on the Garden Route; it’s charmingly set between the Knynsa Lagoon, Indian Ocean and the Knysna forest.

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