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We start the adventure trip on the banks of the Knysna river at the head of the Knysna estuary. The first section is a tidal section of the estuary where makes our way past high sandstone cliffs and large banks of river boulders. On our path, we will cross a weir that pools the river into a large impressive dam area. From here we make our way up the river through narrow sections and winding paths to discover large hidden pools surrounded by indigenous forests and high river gorges. We paddle upstream from pool to pool separated by very small rapid sections. This river above the weir is off the beaten path with very few visitors except the occasional, vervet monkeys, baboons, mongoose or a possible shy bushbuck. There many birds species which you may catch a glimpse of including the Knysna Loerie, the Fish Eagle, Narina Trogen, kingfishers, cormorants and many more. Experience a tranquil peaceful feeling whilst we edge further and further up the river into the forest. The Knysna River is a magical river system that feeds the 24km long Knysna Estuary. The Knysna River catchment area drains off the Knysna forest and Sandstone rock. This water is fresh and clean and even drinkable but is stained a dark cola color by the tannins from the decomposing matter on the forest floor.

The Knysna forest is an ancient magical growth consisting of many indigenous trees including the massive Outeniqua Yellowwood trees which pierce through canopies. The Kayak trip is an excellent way to get a good view of what these forests have to offer.



3 hours


All year round


Phantom Drive, Knysna


This service is weather dependent.

What to Wear:

Shoes to walk in the water, shorts, costume, long sleeve shirt for the sun, fleece just in case

Things to bring:

Shoes Towel, hat, camera (We provided containers to carry your camera), water.

Guests or Spectators:

No spectators allowed.

Min Age:

Inclusions & Exclusions


Qualified guide, kayak and life jacket


Food and drinks and shoes


You’ll discover Knysna on the Garden Route; it’s charmingly set between the Knynsa Lagoon, Indian Ocean and the Knysna forest.

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