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If sharks are what you are looking for then this is the dive for you! Dive on Protea Banks 7.5km out to sea from Shelly Beach. The reef lies at a depth of between 27 to 40 meters and is about 6km long and 800m wide.

Protea Banks is one of the richest Tuna grounds in the world which explains why it is so strongly frequented by Zambezi (Bull) Sharks that patrol the reef in search of food. Scalloped Hammerheads swim up and down the reef in schools that at times are often hundreds strong. Although generally shy the Great Hammerhead also makes an appearance from time to time. Behind a massive school of Barracudas you will also spot five or six Blacktip Sharks. The Raggedtooth Sharks can also be seen in large numbers during their breeding season in and around the caves on the Northern Pinnacle. And topping the list is the magnificent Tiger Shark.

Protea Banks is ranked as one of the world’s best Shark dives.



9 hours


We launch just about everyday, but not on Christmas Day and New Year.


Small Craft Harbour


We launch from a Small Craft Harbour and therefore we must comply with Harbour rules. This means that we cannot launch if the Harbour is closed due to dangerous and unfavourable weather. Safety ALWAYS comes first.

What to Wear:

Casual wear. It is always a good idea to bring a boat jacket especially in winter.

Things to bring:

You need to bring your C Card and logbook.

Guests or Spectators:

The cost of the dive is R1000.00. This includes full kit. Please note that equipment rental is charged for per dive and not per day. Nitrox is available for those that are Nitrox qualified. Cost is R120 Please note that you will be held liable if you damage or lose your rental equipment. Accommodation can be arranged at R500.00 pp per night.



Experience Level:


Certification Required:

The dive on Protea Banks is not for beginners. Divers must be Advanced with at least 35 dives. You must also have dives in the last year.
Inclusions & Exclusions


Dive plus full kit.


Computers....we do not rent computers.


Scenic Durban has renowned surfing spots, cycling trails, boat trips and extraordinary sightseeing.

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African Dive Adventures

African Dive Adventures has been diving on Protea Banks, a world renowned shark-diving reef of the East Coast of South Africa (Kwazulu Natal) since 1994.

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